Outpatient management of missing strings IUD and partial penetrating IUD at Tu Du Hospital 2022 - 2023
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Ngo, T. Y., Tran, N. H., Pham, Q. N., Doan, V. D. N., & Nguyen, T. N. K. (2024). Outpatient management of missing strings IUD and partial penetrating IUD at Tu Du Hospital 2022 - 2023 . Tạp Chí Phụ sản, 22(2), 45-53. https://doi.org/10.46755/vjog.2024.2.1682

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Background: Before the year 2017, all patients who were diaganosised with a missing-string IUD and/or partial penetrating  IUD had hospitalization, regardless of the degree of IUD penetrating. In reality, many cases of IUD penetrating can be  removed outside the operation room. In 2018, the Family Planning Department proposed and completed outpatient  procedures for partial penetrating IUD.  

Objective: To evaluate of the technique of partial penetrating IUD removal in two years 2022 and 2023. To give  recommendations for IUD users. 

Methods: Case series report. 

Results: There were 45/48 cases of partial penetrating IUD that were successfully removed at our outpatient clinic under  ultrasound guidance. Some characteristics of IUD has noted: not periodic gynecological examination, having C-section  scar, having had a failed IUD removed at other medical facilities. 

Conclutions: Partial penetrating IUD can be removed in an outpatient clinic under ultrasound guidance by experienced  doctors. IUD users need to have periodic gynecological examination and be checked position of IUD.

PDF (English)

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